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KISMET January New Moon Circle

New Moon gatherings are a time to come together and drop what separates us. In order to set our intentions for the month, we need to release all that is not serving us. While this can be done alone, it is that much more powerful when done in a communal setting, specifically with other women. Here we can feel empowered to drop our barriers and make space for what we're manifesting. We are so excited to present this new moon circle, to celebrate January's new moon in Capricorn. We will be gathering in a beautiful location in San Francisco's Mission District to explore this sacred ritual. What needs to die off in your life in order to help you to truly expand the way you need to? What can you do this month to help you to grow further spiritually and learn more about the world? These are the kinds of questions we will be addressing and answering as we gather together. You can expect: Meditation • Sound healing • Intention setting • Essential oils • Tea … and the power of community. We hope to see you there! #ThisIsKismet #KismetCommunity #NewMoon

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